We would like to invite you to embark on a journey to overcome life’s “kleshas” with us! Before we begin our voyage together, we want to share our thought and philosophy (yeah, it’s a big word but it is amazing to know your friend’s thought and philosophy). Isn’t it great to know each other before starting a long trip?

Let’s begin with our start-up stories. We have kicked off a new business under the name of ANK Enterprise Inc. in 2014.  ANK Enterprise made its way to success and  grew bigger. In the year of 2018, ANK turned a new page by adding more employees and expanding its territory in business.

Today we are still a pico-sized garment company located at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles in California. WE DO DESIGN AND DEVELOP ALL OVER KLESHAS PRODUCT HERE IN FASHION DISTRICT OF DTLA.

Some might wonder if a pico-sized company like ANK can make any impact on the fashion industry. Small could mean physically “small” however it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t do great things. Against all odds, we are making history every day by equipping trendsetters, street celebrities, and fast fashion lovers with our fabulous fashion essentials such as leggings, Stripe Pants, Tops, and Sweaters.

When we first launched Over Kleshas, we focused on just one thing – bringing the best basic essentials for athleisurewear to the market at affordable prices without compromising quality. we revolutionize the world by supplying the best of fast fashion items.

The Origin of Over Kleshas

Kleshas means ,in Sanskrit, suffering or negative mental state. When we say “Over Kleshas,” we mean overcoming negative mental state by providing best quality leggings, track pants, stripe pants and comfort tops to those who are actively looking for a perfect athleisurewear for work out to night out.

Our journey as a forerunner in the market of athleisurewear started from this simple idea and we never stop working for you since we have launched Over Kleshas brand for all. We strive to keep our promise to our customers every day. 

Now it’s time to talk about the people  of Over Kleshas. we are a small group of people who really love to design, develop, and deliver the best clothes to the market. we are dedicated to provide the best quality fashion items for everyone.

Why Over Kleshas?

You can find millions of athleisurewear out there however if you are looking for something can change your world from the bottom, Over Kleshas is the only answer for it. We do care about people. not just our people but also real people live a daily life under pressure and stress. Therefore, we make Over Kleshas very special. every single item comes from Over Kleshas brand carries our philosophy of life – loving and caring for people. We value people’s happiness and comfort in Over Kleshas. We would like to help them overcome life’s kleshas by bringing the best comfortable athleisurewear to their daily life.

How do we give back?

We do believe everyone deserves better clothing and no one should be left behind from this philosophy. Unlike many others, we don’t burn or shred our clothes. We rarely make surplus in production because we believe it is a very effective way to damage our mother nature! we focus on right-on-time production with the right amount not just for people but also for our mother nature.

If we have extra clothing more than people want, we would rather donate most of them than wasting them in the landfill. Simply we love our clothes  therefore we do our best to save our world by not making any unnecessary production.

Currently our production scheme focuses on saving resources and preventing wastes in every steps of production. It could be a small step but we will make a progress gradually. Why don’t you join us for this small but meaningful plan for mother nature?